We are Anna & Tara, the faces behind I Dream In Flowers Photography! With over a decade of experience as professional photographers and influencers, we understand the importance of building brand identities through photography and effective story telling.

Hi! I'm Anna

...master homesteader, furniture flipper, and expert lifestyle photographer. We bought a historic home and we can’t stop buying chickens!

I’ve had over a decade of experience in photography and have spent the last 8 years building relationships with brands as a professional photographer and influencer to deliver quality images that brands can market to their target audience.

Hi! I'm Tara

...Austin native, thrift store junkie, and lover of capturing sweet moments on my camera. Crafter at heart and obsessed with Christmas!

Having worked for years as an influencer, I have learned how to expertly capture products and details in a way that that can evoke emotion and elevate your brand recognition.

"Photography is like poetry only visual. There are so many stories and meanings one picture can portray."

says - Jane doe