Why do you need a professional photographer for your brand?

-Customers will want to see an accurate depiction of your product before they purchase.
-Poor or misleading photography can be detrimental to sales.
-75% of customers say that product photography and multiple angles is essential to confirming their purchasing decision.
-First impressions of your product especially for online sales are visual.
-Professional photography can give you the edge on your competition.
-Professional photography indicates the professionalism of your business

Starting a new business? -Here's what you you need (Photography edition)

When starting a business you will need a combination of
-Content photos
-Website photos
-Lookbook photos
-Advertising photos
These can be accomplished via a mixture of lifestyle and product photos.
Lifestyle photos are carefully curated and modeled images with representation of your target market enjoying your products in their everyday life.
Product photos isolate the product only as the main focus. This can be an individual white sweep of your product, stylized lifestyle product photo or in studio detail and packaging shots

Why does representation matter in your brand photography?

-Because your market is diverse!
-Everyone wants to be able see themselves with your product
-Diversity is strength. We want to celebrate differences while avoiding tokenism

When should i start planning my brand launches?

-Small businesses should start planning your launch around 3 months in advance.
-Each quarter should be planned ahead of time to measure effectiveness in marketing.
-Brand photography should be included in your pre-launch timeline at least 3 months in advance to have time to use images for website, catalogs, social media posts, and to create pre-launch buzz around your products before the official launch

Why is model styling important to brand photography?

-78% of online shoppers want to see your product as part of their own daily lives.
-Model styling will help make your product relatable to your target audience while also creating cohesive images and brand recognition.
-Once your location or venue is picked, you will want your models to be stylized to coordinate the location for a cohesive look in your images

Brand Photography VS Influencer photos.. Why you need both!

-Brand photography is key for creating brand recognition and high quality images for your website.
-90% of online buyers say that photo quality is the most crucial factor in an online sale, according to Etsy and Justuno.
-Brand photography can also offer a compiled look for your website and social media advertising. This helps build brand recognition.
-Influencer photos are important for building buzz around your product launches and for showcasing real life reviews.

How do you communicate your brand identity to your photographer?

-Tell us about yourself! We want to get to know the heart behind your brand
-Show us your branding kit
-Have a mood board for your specific launch
-Specify your target market

How to leverage venues for effective brand shoots.

-Picking a location is one of the first steps to take with your photographer once you decide to book a commercial shoot.
-Your location/venue will help drive all other decisions around your brand shoot including stylizing models, set design, and lighting requirements.
-Your shoot location is also important for the aesthetic of your brand.
-Picking a location with multiple vignettes can help get you the most bang for your buck with shot variety and being able to incorporate evergreen photos along with seasonal.

How to use your brand photography for maximum launch effectiveness?

The #1 best thing you can do is to book commercial shoots early!
This will allow you time to leverage deliverables for:
-Creating buzz around your launch
-Create lookbooks
-Update website listings

What is the difference between product photos and stylized flatlay photos?

-Product photos can be anything from isolated photos of the product by itself on a whitesweep background or set up in a lifestyle situation such as on a bookshelf or dresser

-Stylized flatlay photos are typically used for lookbooks, social media and website listings to demonstrate a use for the product. So if a toy is considered a stocking stuffer, we will stylize a seasonal flatlay for that product including a stocking and other stocking stuffers that mix well with your product. Or if your product is a shirt, we could create an entire outfit look with accessories

What is the turn around time after the shoot?

-Contact sheets for commercial shoots delivered within 1 week
-Final edits 2 weeks after the shoot

How do you price your jobs?

-We will submit a bid in writing for your custom quote based on your photography needs. Whether you need modeled lifestyle photos, product photos and flatlays or multi-day production shoots, we have a package for you!

-Our photography quote will include all photography fees, including assisting costs, post-production fees, equipment and location rental, backgrounds, props, usage rights/licensing, and payment terms.

Do you require artistic direction during the shoot?

-Photographer collaboration with your marketing department can be so beneficial for proper execution of the commercial shoot. This ensures everyone is happy with the final outcome of the shoot.

We like to have a clear idea of your vision for the shoot beforehand so you won’t need to have a representative present during the shoot. BUT, we love to have fun, so we always welcome representatives from your brand to come join us!

How involved should I be for my commercial shoots?

As involved as you would like to be! We handle all details and will send everything over for your approval.
We love meeting with our brand representatives as much as possible to ensure a great partnership and that everyone is happy with the deliverables